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    AC trip report

    Enjoyable read, thanks for the report.
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    BJ IQ

    Yes, of course. New Jersey is the center of the intelligent universe. From what I understand, all intelligence begins in NJ. Just look at their governors.
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    Good bye, Lady Luck!

    Lady Luck running out Nevada (Las Vegas) - Howard Stutz, Gaming Wire - Owners of the Lady Luck, a 41-year-old hotel-casino on Third Street in downtown, said the property will close in February for a renovation that is expected to take about a year...The Henry Brent Co...has been operating the...
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    blackjack dice

    From what I understand... This game was set to debut in a gulf coast casino when Katrina hit. It believe it is now scheduled to debut in a casino in Connecticut, though I cannot confirm this. I spoke with the developer at some length. It is a good game that is well thought out and has a...
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    Chess... just another game...

    When I ran it... I ran an opening book size of several hundred megabytes, that was in 1995. I am sure these things now have books of gigabyte size. What is far larger, however, are the endgame databases. They are huge and exhaustive. Crafty allowed the person running it to customize the...
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    Chess... just another game...

    I hope... I hope the author writes a program that crushes "Hydra" -- shouldn't be too hard for that kind of genious programmer. --Mayor
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    Chess... just another game...

    I am always watching out for Crafty... I used to run Crafty on my Sparc station in Ohio (it was a robot on one of the Internet Chess Servers) about 10 years ago. (Dead link: Not as good as the 2004 finish, but still world class. There's a...
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    how much is the edge of shuffle tracking?

    A fairly ignorant response >what the max possible edge that shuffle tracking can achieve for 6-deck shoe game? If you track perfectly, and know every card and the exact order... well, I am not sure what your question is here. Maybe you are asking what kind of edge a reasonably good ST'er...
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    Blackjack's Death Count?

    The purpose of Mindplay The real purpose of Mindplay has always been to streamline comps. Identifying players at the correct level for their comps is far more valuable to casinos than catching a few card counters. That it has as a side effect the ability to assist in catching counters is what...
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    No thanks... >Where's the flaw? Mayor?? Not interested... I've got a book for sale, however... --Mayor
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    What is your millionaire potential?

    Me: 17, My wife: 14 Poor but happy...
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    Any NLV dives worth playing at?

    One time in Tunica... I was at one of the Hotels in Tunica and I forget where I parked my car. I asked the cab to drive me around the lot until we found my car. It took about 15 seconds, and was only about 50 feet away 8-)
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    Any NLV dives worth playing at?

    I almost stayed there once... The early days. In 1996 I had a room reservation at the GS ($22 sounds about right), sight unseen, flying in from Ohio. I arrived there around 11PM, looked at the room (and more importantly, the flimsy doors), and walked out. I took a cab from the Spike over to...
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    Seeking Update CBJN vs. Trackjack *LINK*

    Looking forward to it, and... I am with ZG on this one, his request is a good one. We need some reviews of these products in their present form by current users. With best wishes, Eliot