Good bye, Lady Luck!

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Lady Luck running out

Nevada (Las Vegas) - Howard Stutz, Gaming Wire - Owners of the Lady Luck, a 41-year-old hotel-casino on Third Street in downtown, said the property will close in February for a renovation that is expected to take about a year...The Henry Brent Co...has been operating the Lady Luck since 2003 and purchased the property in April..."We looked at every scenario possible to keep the property fully open during the renovation," Chief Executive Officer Andrew Donne said. "But in reality it would be difficult to provide guests with a good experience or attract the number of visitors we'd need to maintain our staff during the renovation."...The announcement by Lady Luck continued a year of upheaval in the downtown gaming market...Landry's Restaurants took over the Golden Nugget in September...gaming regulators this month are expected to approve Navegante, a company managed by veteran gaming executive Larry Woolf, as the operator of the Plaza, Gold Spike, Las Vegas Club and Western Hotel...Downtown casinos won $60.7 million in October, a jump of 4.8 percent from $57.9 million a year ago.

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Good riddance

Lady Luck is a poorly-managed property located in a bad area. There is no reason for anyone to go there. The employees are surly and rude, and the pit staff has a long history of hostility towards any patrons who use their brains. Its policy of using the single-digit IQ security guards to attempt to intimidate winning patrons made Lady Luck a laughing stock.

Unfortunately for the employees, most of them appear to be unemployable, and will probably soon have to be supported by the taxpayers. Or maybe they can apply at Gold Spike or the Western, both of which are always looking for new bad people.

If it ever reopens, which I doubt, I hope it is under new management with new staff. Otherwise, it's doomed to fail again.