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    Best BJ song ever

    I remember playing with a sloppy drunk blind guy and his buddy. He was playing 2 hands of black and his buddy was bumming red from him. He was playing crazy and winning. The casino finally gave him the boot when he pee'd his pants at the table.
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    any software for shuffle tracking training ??

    For a shuffle tracking DVD, check out the store at Order the advanced techniques DVD.You can pick it up for $27.00. It's a good introduction. You can also do Arnold Snyders method and get 6 decks of blue cards and 2 decks of red cards. Color the sides of the red cards...
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    Blackbelt in Blackjack

    Blackbelt in Blackjack will have the Zen system. Then go here for the TC indices from the original book.
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    New Orleans Harrahs

    Take the run to Biloxi if you can. If not , at least take the ride to the Silver Slipper, about 60 miles east of the Big Sleazey. The +EV will more than make up for your time,gas, and effort.
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    How to clear a crowded table

    After the garlic and onions, have some pickled eggs and saurkraut for desert.
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    Casino Scouting Report

    Go to and get a copy of CBJN.
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    3+1 Pays 9 to 1 BJ SIDEBET +EV

    21+3 I usually play at a $5 table and my normal bet is $10. But when the count is higher than -2 (-2 being wong out) but lower than 0, I'll split my bet up with $5 on 21+3 and $5 on the hand. There is nothing scientific about this, but it appears to reduce my variance a bit. Many times I've...
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    Where did it go?

    Tanx guvnah
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    Where did it go?

    Just pick up a copy of Casino Verite. You'll make the $90.00 back in no time. For practicing it absolutly top shelf.
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    Will the El Cortez remember me?

    You shouldn't have a problem. Did they back you off because of you BJ play or your "controled dice throwing"? You may want to work on your happy gambler act. Last time I was there I had no problem spreading 10 to 2X75, and kept my session short. When I tipped ,I asked the dealer if she wanted it...
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    Biloxi casinos

    Tatonuts donut shop in Ocean Springs for the best donuts. I think I read that they were ranked #4 in the nation on food network. Mikeys for oysters, also in Ocean Springs. At $5.00 a dozen , you can't beat it.
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    anyone stolen your own chips to give a lost record to yourself ?

    Reverse ratholing I like to come to the table with a black classic palmed in my hand, buy in for red and green, and when the count is right, drop the black as I'm puttting a small stack on top of the black positioned like the "Savannah" move ala American Roullette. Good for about once or twice...
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    Gentlemans Blackjack

    million dollar blackjack Amazon, E-bay, under $20.00.
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    Big player vs gorilla

    Where's that damn gorrila when you need her ?
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    Shinnig some light on those Shuffle Machines

    Great subject. I found this on youtube : It shows single deck shuffler, but I guess you can interpilate it to 6 deck model to possibly follow a slug.