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    How does 6:5 rule gives the house a 2% edge?

    Hi! This is my first post here :) Im about 3 weeks into learning counting, and I have been thinking of some questions about house edges. I have heard that playing 6:5 blackjack is a really bad idea because it gives the house a 2% edge, I do not really understand the math behind this, If 6:5...
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    Time of Play - $5 6:5 vs $10 3:2

    Assuming BS, for an equal amount bet, a 3:2 table has it all over a 6:5 table. However, if you want to maximize time at tables instead of minimzing losses, and assuming the same rate of play, how much longer/shorter (hands would be a good measure) would you play placing a minimum bet at a $5 6:5...