atlantic city

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    Limited casinos

    I am new to counting and have only played once so far in AC. Frequently Im told that playing there isn't worth it and I was wondering how much playing in AC conditions cuts into your wins. More than that though there are a limited number of casinos in PA, about 6 or 7 that are close enough for...
  2. J

    NJ amateur counter/player looking for guidance

    Hello world, I am a new member to these forums and am in great interest persuing card counting and team play etc etc but I can only teach myself so much. I have no idea where to find other counters or experienced peoples, I'd much like to even possibly set up a team but I will admit the obvious...
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    Newbie to AC needs the straight dope

    Hi folks, I'm visiting AC late september and need to know if that's a good time to get good rates and deals at hotels. Also, I need to know with a certain level of certainty which casino's have 5$ blackjack tables and are good for comps in this post-crisis world. any recommendations...
  4. S

    Newbie looking for some (AC) advice please!!

    Hi guys, let me introduce myself, if anyone really cares. First let me say that of all the blackjack sites on the web, I find this one to have the best (knowledgeable and helpful) members of any. I know im not the most eloquent or humorous writer, so I appreciate it if you can hang in there. I...