1. Lasse Andersen

    Basic strategy - help me understand.

    I'm learning the basic strategy by heart, but I still got a hard time understanding something. How come you want to hit on 18, soft total, against a 7 and 8, but having a 17+ in hard total, you would always stand against anything. I get how the chance of busting is way higher when having a...
  2. R

    New at card counting -- am I doing it right?

    Hi, I'm new to counting cards (extremely new)... I found a deck in my dorm today and decided what the hell, why not give it a shot. I've read through lotsa stuff on the forum here and other basic google searches, as well as the lessons found here...
  3. C

    Interested in feedback on free iPhone Strategy App

    "Easy BlackJack Cheat Sheet" - FREE in the iPhone App Store Although this is partly a plug for our FREE iPhone application, this is *not* an automated message, and I will read all replies. The app is currently buried in the App Store, so you'll have to pass around the name or the link if...