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    Blackjack Isn't Blackjack Anymore

    So what is the point in mastering card counting? Everytime I have lost money. Everytime. I repeat: Everytime I've followed basic strategy (regardless of how bad I wanted to hit or stand because the count was -15 or +15 or whatever - I did what I was told and lost. None of the tables in Vegas...
  2. JSTAT


    I am a blackjack card counter. I was a recovering hi-lo loser at 21 before I discovered my ten count 20 years ago. Yes, the same hi-lo count used by the suckers at MIT in the movie "21". The chumps at MIT went bankrupt according to the History Channel's "Breaking Vegas". My Ten Count(JSTATII) is...
  3. Rois Casino

    Rois Casino -

    December, 5 Welcome to the Free Blackjack Tournament