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    Helping out a beginner in San Diego area

    Hello all thanks or accepting me on the forums. I'm here to ask if anyone in the San Diego area is willing to help coach or teach me. I understand the basics of counting and what not, but I want to improve my skills and possibly join a team. Thank you for your time
  2. J

    NJ amateur counter/player looking for guidance

    Hello world, I am a new member to these forums and am in great interest persuing card counting and team play etc etc but I can only teach myself so much. I have no idea where to find other counters or experienced peoples, I'd much like to even possibly set up a team but I will admit the obvious...
  3. F

    Team Play Questions

    1. A couple friends and I have been playing in the area and having just one of us play minimum bet until the count goes up. Then all three of us play. Is this a good strategy or would that just spread the outcoming good cards to thin? 2. As you can imagine some people have gotten angry when...
  4. P

    New Card-Counting Team?

    Hi. This is my first thread I post. I have been searching for blackjack teams and it seems like no one is interested in it. I wonder why. -Doesn't it work? -Is it too hard to develop? -Is anyone interested in it? Thanks
  5. O

    Team Card Counting in Montreal Casino

    Hello everyone. I would just want to know whether a team of 2 or 3 counters + 1 big player would work in Montreal Casino, and could actually be profitable. I have just gotten into card counting, and I have never been to the Montreal Casino, so if anyone could post the actual blackjack...