$10, $10, $10, 2x$250, 2x$250, 2x$250

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    I was at this Indian casino far, far from home, and it was my final day there before I left, and decided to do this to see what the heat would be like.

    The time spent there I had maintained a safe bet spread with strategically important camo, and recieved virtually no heat.

    My final session there on the final day, I ended up with a new pit crew and bet $10 each hand for about 30 minutes waiting for a massive count. When it hit, I pulled out $1000 in chips from my pocket and bet on two hands - $250 each - for the remainder of the shoe.

    Like clockwork the dealer goes "Checks play" while looking around to make sure the PB heard. The PB turns his head and has a look on his face as if I had just whipped out my dick, but was quiet about it given that I had been chatting jovially with a couple regulars while doing it. He then tries to quietly mutter (but ends up saying it so loud everyone hears) "call surveillance".

    I end up standing on a couple 15's and insuring (playing $250 two handed a couple hands). Ended up winning $1250 (very lucky of course)

    The PB looked like he wanted to grab me and hold me down after I got up to leave at the end of the shoe. He pleads for me to color up, but I tell him i'm heading to craps in a few minutes after I take a piss, and would like to hold on to my chips. He asks if i'm sure that I don't have a card there? I say "let me get it from my wife, be right back". Immediately go to cash out.

    Just as a sidenote, I was playing a little less than kelly using those bets. I normally play below half kelly than that with some camo. Obviously its generally not recommended to play kelly which I normally don't do.

    I have no plans of coming back to this casino for another year at least) since it's so far away, so I have no frets with posting this - although I did change a few minor details of the story (I.E. I didn't bet precisely $250).
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    Enjoy it while you can Bro':)

    Were they able to get the license numbers off your car?? (If they wanted).:eek:

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    Thanks for posting this

    I've wondered about this style of play for the kind of situation you were in. I am soon going on a rare (for me) business trip (5 days) to the opposite coast, and was going to be near some stores I don't plan to be near any time soon. But alas, I'm still training and learning, and I am not ready to hatch out of my egg yet, so I'll have to let the opportunity pass. But I will bring several BJ books to read, I'll probably be able read at least a few between the planes, airports, and free time in the evenings.
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    Nice stuff, well played.

    I was once on a 2 day trip to Reno on a comped bus tour. Spent the first day going snowmobiling then on my second evening I spread 15-250 at the El Dorado double deck. Sat for about 4 shuffles betting min then I bet 2x250 on a +6 TC. Won 6 big bets by the next shuffle so I just cash out, left and hopped on a bus back to San Francisco Chinatown. Good luck trying to check my number plates haha. Surprised I didn't get backed off tbh.

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