15 vs. 10 stick? (I18) at TC 4

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  1. Team 18

    Team 18 New Member

    can anyone explain why this is a play?

    surely even if you avoid the 10 that is likely to come and bust you, the dealer will get it to his 10 and beat you anyway?

    is there any easy way to explain this or is it hard mathematic theory>
  2. tthree

    tthree Banned

    As your likelihood of busting goes up with the TC your chances become better hoping the dealer will bust. If you make a 17, 18 or 19 the dealer is still likely to beat you. You will probably bust hoping for that 6. If you stand, the dealer may turn over a 2 thru 6 giving an excellent chance he will bust. The odds swing in favor of standing as your prospects of hitting to a winner decrease. Your hit card 2 thru 6 with losing more likely if you catch one as the count rises or dealer down card 2 thru 6 with your winning chances increasing for standing as the count rises. That is were the sims say the point that stand overtakes hit.
  3. Team 18

    Team 18 New Member

    great explanation thank you!!
  4. stopgambling

    stopgambling Well-Known Member

    ???? what is so hard???
    you dont want to bust 1st ,in case dealers have a low card underneath .the dealer will more likely to bust.the reason is YOU DONT WANT TO BUST 1ST,IF DEALER GET STIFF THEN THE DEALER IS MORE LIKELY TO BUST.IF YOU BUST FIRST ,YOU WILL NOT GET PAID EVEN DEALER BUST!!!! Of course there is math behind it,but just this simple reasoning is probably good enough for now

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