21 number ONE again!

Discussion in 'General' started by creeping panther, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. I can't believe it! :rolleyes:

    This is a potential disaster for us AP's.

    I am going on a BJ adventure :)cool: ) in a couple of days so I will soon know what damage has truly been inflicted. :eek:

    Creeping Panther
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    i have no idea where this post is going? CP can you elaborate?
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    Its not about THE El Cortez, it's about a hotel in Reno. It's an okay movie. It started pretty welll but loses steam halfway thru and becomes quite lackluster at the end.
  6. southAP

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    ooo got ya, i kinda gave up on blackjack movies. Some are entertaining which is what movies are suppose to do, but as in accuracy def lacks it. Maybe I'll make my own lol
  7. Hmmm

    That was an old post by the date:confused:

    It spoke to the fact that it, the movie, was no.1 for a few weeks running,,much to my dismay.

    I actually feared the movie out at that time,,"21",,,and it turned out to be worse than I ever thought. The casino's IMHO became paranoid of young players and everyone thought they could form a team, make a killing etc.

    It brought up like a tidal wave the issue of AP play and teams and made a mess,,,a bad thing that movie.

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    Yes, the movie was made to be entertaining. If the movie were made to be 100% factual, almost the entire audience would have walked out after watching the team members practice for hours and hours. They would be bored to tears watching those kids add 1 / minus 1, then go to Vegas to experience large wins and large losses. Unfortunately, card counting is more work than excitement, and if any movie were factually made about any job, nobody would watch it.
  9. 21

    The parts of the movie where the Griffin guy beats up the AP and goes after Mickey is far from being fallacy.

    The casino has in their agenda painting CC, AP's as cheats and low lifes so they can do with, to them, as they please. It is a propaganda war that we should also be waging against the casino on various fronts. I am not without plans:cool:

  10. southAP

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    CP, i didnt even realize the date when i posted on this thread, oops. If i did i would've realized which movie you were talking about.

    Well isnt that why hollywood created montages to get through all the boring training parts? haha
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    I will admit that I didn't watch 21 until a couple weeks ago. The overly-obvious signals they used still make me laugh. I also recently saw the movie made a few years ago which was pretty much the same idea as 21, but took place in Canada. This movie seemed even more far-fetched, with the one kid buying a Lexus a few weeks after beginning to count. The only thing that was more far fetched than this of course was Alan in The Hangover making thousands in one night counting cards after reading a book. I will admit I loved The Hangover for its comedic value.

    If you decide to make your own movie, you'll have to get even more far-fetched to make anybody want to watch it. Lol
  12. Lonesome Gambler

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    How many times do you think screenwriters have tried pitching the follow-up to "21," based on "Busting Vegas?" Pretty long odds on that one happening; imagine a theater full of people scratching their heads and wondering what the hell is going on...
  13. southAP

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    the Hangover was great, but i will admit i cringed and almost shouted at the screen when he split 5's. i just saw that canadian film about 3 weeks ago, i thought it was a little better than 21 because it was a little more detailed, but 21 was far more entertaining to watch.
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    If they did a followup with "Busting Vegas" which i thought was an awesome book, it would probably have to do the first 5 chapters word for word for anyone to even get the gist of what they are doing. Making that whole book word for word into a movie would be a hell of a lot better than 21. If any AP book should be made into a movie, it should be "Repeat until rich" but they can take out the last chapter though, where Axelrad talks about meditation for 15 pages. haha
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    Movie effect?

    All things considered, I don't think the movie "21" hurt casinos at all. 99% of the people that tried APBJ after watching it have probably quit after finding out how much work it actually is, dishonest team members encountered, the mental and physical toll involved, and various other reasons.
    Casinos are suffering for two reasons. #1 is the overall economy and #2 is the HORSE---- games being offered!
    The casinos know that the idiots will come back at the same rate as the economy.
    AP players may see more slightly more scrutiny as a result of the movie "21" but I don't see it as a big deal.

  16. johndoe

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    I'm sure it helped the casinos substantially, exactly for the reasons you stated. Brings interest to the game, and unqualified people trying to beat them and failing. Just like Thorp's book did.
  17. southAP

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    Counting comes up everytime I go into a casino, and when that is brought up its usually followed by a person who stupudly announces that he can do it and that he learned it from that movie. While at the same time doubling on his hard 12 against dealer 4 claiming the count is negative and there is no chance he could pull a ten. Btw the count was actually tc+ 1.5. Bj movies and books have never hurt a casino, just draws in the people with false hope that they can really break their bank without putting in the proper training time.
  18. SWFL Blackjack

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    I agree the movie probably helped casinos the same way Beat The Dealer helped Blackjack replace Craps as the number #1 table game. Before Beat The Dealer, BJ was known as a game that wives would play while men played craps. Many references have been made to counting in movies, such as Rain Man, 21, Hangover, and others. These movie probably influence many people to Google "card counting," take a withdrawal from savings, go to a casino, lose, and give up and go back to their everyday lives. As long as superstitious people and ignorant people are still around, casinos will continue to turn a profit, even if they have a few APs playing at their establishments.
  19. SWFL Blackjack

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    Yes, counting does come up often at tables. One time I had an older player at my table make a comment about my friends and I that we looked like the guys in the movie "21." The dealer agreed, which was the last thing I want anybody to say while I am at a table. Unfortunately, I fit the stereotype of a counter almost exactly.
  20. SWFL Blackjack

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    If Repeat Until Rich was made into a movie, they could leave out his entire poker career and everything after since it is rather depressing and wouldn't keep the interest of the audience.

    It would be interesting if they made Busting Vegas into a movie, then played it for a small audience of civilians just to see their reaction. I agree with Lonesome that everybody would be left scratching their heads with truly puzzled looks on their faces.

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