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Discussion in 'Las Vegas' started by MasterofNone, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. MasterofNone

    MasterofNone Well-Known Member


    Staying mid-strip first week of May. Usually find some low bill tables before 10a.m. at Mirage, etc. but looking to play all day sessions this trip.

    Will spend some time at the Tuscany, but would appreciate any info on Circus Circus, Riviera or Tropicana. Been about 8 months since I last hit the strip and navigated through the 6-5 tables to find a decent game.

    Looking for $5 (no gimmick) 6 deck, 3-2, decent pen, surrender option, if tables are crowded, etc. According to W of Odds all the above should have five dollar tables with varying rules.

    Will be hoofing it to work off my morning coffee and pastries but would hate to get to the casino to only find crappy, crowded tables.

    Thank you in advance, MoN
  2. 21gunsalute

    21gunsalute Well-Known Member

    Station Casinos have some good double deck games with low minimums. You might want to check them out.
  3. kewljason

    kewljason Well-Known Member

    I guess you are trying to be helpful, 21gun, but geez. The guy says he is looking for low limit, 6 deck games on/near the strip and you direct him to double deck games away from the strip. :confused:

    To the poster. Mid strip is a bit of a problem because that is where the evil empire is centered and all of their low limit games are 6-5. You already mentioned Tuscany and a bit further east terribles has decent $5 games all day. Lower on the strip, some of the MGM properties have $5 games early in the day. They may raise to $10 later in the day, but even so, some of the best games on the strip can be found, so wong if ya have to. :) Be sure to check MC in particular. North strip, you already mentioned Circus Circus, has low limit, very underrated and rarely spoken about 3-2 blackjack. sahara also has a decent game. Ya gotta walk by the crappy 6-5 games to get to it though, and by that time, they will be only days from closing, so who really knows what they will have. :confused:
  4. FLASH1296

    FLASH1296 Well-Known Member

  5. StudiodeKadent

    StudiodeKadent Well-Known Member

    Monte Carlo MAY have $5 mins, although typically they are $10. NYNY may also have $5.

    In both cases you'll get H17, 6/8decks (MC is 8d ASM, NYNY should be 6 decks), RSA LS DA2 DAS.

    Tropicana is apparently more likely to have $5 H17 6d, but they don't have surrender.

    Bellagio also has a $5 CSM H17 table near the walkway to Ballys but its usually totally packed. But free champagne cocktails!

    In all cases, mornings and midweek (and especially mornings midweek) are your best chance, time-wise.
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  6. 21gunsalute

    21gunsalute Well-Known Member

    Sorry. I thought I'd give him an alternative. Station Casinos double deckers are much better games. Palace Station is close to the strip.
  7. paddywhack

    paddywhack Well-Known Member

    Yeah but he's staying mid-strip and huffing it. I think a 2.5 to 3 walk, each way, may be more than he's looking for.
  8. 21gunsalute

    21gunsalute Well-Known Member

    Oops. Missed that part.
  9. MasterofNone

    MasterofNone Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the responses. Rental car rates dropped quite a bit in the last week so I might head off strip or DT for a decent game as suggested. Ref the Evil Empire- I am very clear. I earn all my points at my local store which is pretty generous with food and hotel comps and has good play. I don't give Harrah's/Caesar a dime unless I am feeling very generous due to the poor games, but will take the free rooms on the strip as long as they are available.

    Regards, MoN
  10. MasterofNone

    MasterofNone Well-Known Member

    Las Vegas Update

    Update from my trip to Vegas a few weeks ago. Thank you all for your help and guidance.

    TropicanaOne table of $5.00 and one table of $10.00 BJ with continuous shufffle. Very crowded with tourists and plops. Didn't play.

    TuscanyInteresting place as they had a $5.00 table with surrender, with very little patronage. They swarmed the table with pit staff and laughingly focused on a guy who was more interested in playing and building comps (they were offering 9x comps during the 3-11 a.m. shift) than potential counters. I played there a few days for short periods but never warmed up to the Tuscany although others rave about it. Everyone seemed very edgy as if their jobs/store was in trouble. With the 9x the table comps were very generous I must admit.

    Circus Circus Great $3 shoe game with decent pen. played there for a while. No heat, friendly dealers. Alot of ploppies but a fun table. Didn't find DD open but SD was 6-5.

    Palace StationLoved the Palace Station. $5 Shoe and DD games with surrender option and decent pen. Very friendly dealers and pit. No heat I could detect and there were $5 players next to $50.00 players. Some spreading wildly. Great Oriental restaurant. Palace has moved up to become my go-to store in LV. Equally for the atmosphere as well as the game. Comps however were so-so if you are a comps player. Played for a long time at intervals and earned about fifty cents on my players card.

    Sorry if my notes werent complete. I know i should have made note of doubling rules, etc., but i was more focused on surrender, table mins and penetration. not that i didnt know the rules when i sat down-just didnt have the foresight to make notes before i forgot. :whip:

    Happy hunting in LV to all,

  11. BJgenius007

    BJgenius007 Well-Known Member

    The only Strip casino I ever seen $5 BJ table is Monte Carlo.
  12. shadroch

    shadroch Well-Known Member

    You obviously are not looking very hard.
  13. FLASH1296

    FLASH1296 Well-Known Member

    The Tuscany has a complete crap BJ game, but at least they always have low stakes, very often as low as $3 minimums.

    Practically the only people who stay there are airline attendants, and other flight personnel.

    Their rooms are on permanent reserve status.
  14. MasterofNone

    MasterofNone Well-Known Member

    i should have warned also that i witnessed several dealer errors. miscounts, player bust on a push, etc. it would pay to be diligent there.

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