$5 bonus on blackjacks *LINK*

PLAYER'S EDGE: Terrible's celebrates anniversary:

To celebrate its fifth anniversary on Tuesday, Terrible's is offering several one-day only promotions including ... a $5 bonus on all blackjacks.

This looks like a legitimate big-time AP for one day. If you're in town tomorrow, go for it!

simple answer

Since you get a snapper about once every 21 hands, at 100 hands per hour, this ought to add $25 to your hourly EV. Since this will probably be a shoe game at a full table, figure maybe 1/2 that or whatever is the normal rate for 6-7 players (I don't play full table shoe games at all so I am not sure about the speed).

For a $20 per hour EV, this would be a significant boost. For a purple-chip unit, it would be loose change at best. :)
If I were there

I'd camp out. I primarily play $5-$40 or $50 DD games, or $10-$40 SD games, so it would certainly be interesting for me. Even on the occasions where I play $25 min tables, another $25 per hour would get my attention...

But I have never personally played such a promo unfortunately. Played quite a few matchplay type opportunities, and the coupon promos where your first snapper pays 2:1, etc. But nothing quite like this. Maybe I'll get a chance one day...

I've played in Vegas a fair number of times, but never been to "Terrible's"? Is this at one specific location? (since I noticed when I was there that several casinos had the name "Terrible's" on the front if my memory is correct. For example, I think I saw one on the way to Hoover Dam, heading up to the Grand Canyon South Rim...)