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Discussion in 'General' started by arrando, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. arrando

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    Hi, I've encountered a promotion that automatically pays 2:1 for a 5 or 6 card 21. Wizardofodds says that this is worth 0.24%. Now does anyone know if this would be worth less for the counter because you have significantly less chance of making a 5+ card 21 hand with a big bet out? Also, does anyone know any basic strategy deviations that would be necessary for this promo?
  2. AussiePlayer

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    All percentage gains due to rules like you mentioned are aimed at the basic strategy player.

    As for basic strategy deviations, Don S. mentions this rule on Pg. 33 of Blackjack Attack 3rd edition (although he only gives the most profitable deviations).

    To get full tables, if you have CVData you should be able to generate the tables yourself.
  3. zengrifter

    zengrifter Banned

    BS changes also found in Wong's Basic Blackjack. zg
  4. aslan

    aslan Well-Known Member

    A five-card 21 is a bear. I sometimes get 5, 6, and even 7-card hands totaling more than 16, but a perfect 21 is a very rare occurrence. Would you hit a hard 17 or higher to try for the 5-card special? What would the payoff have to be? 3 to 1? 5 to 1?
  5. tthree

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    I got an 8 card 21 once. It was 2,3,4,2,A,2,A,6. I had my minimum bet out. The dealer hit out to 21 also.
  6. FLASH1296

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    You posted … "Would you hit a hard 17 or higher to try for the 5-card special? What would the payoff have to be? 3 to 1? 5 to 1?"

    In Spanish21 a FIVE card 21 is paid 3:2, a SIX card 21 pays 2:1, and a SEVEN (or more) card 21 pays 3:1

    Additionally, it can serve as a good cover play.

    Hitting a hard Seventeen (17) against a dealer 8 or higher can be a good play, with a 3 to one payoff.

    Seventeen (17) is the "Mother-In-Law Hand." You want to hit it but you don't.
  7. aslan

    aslan Well-Known Member

    Interesting, but I don't play Spanish 21. I wonder what the 5 or more card payoff would have to be at regular blackjack? Maybe more than 3 to 1 seeing that there are more tens at blackjack, unless it is a very negative count. It's purely academic though.
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    Now that's funny!.......LMAO
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    X2 :laugh:

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