88 vs 10

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    Well, there is a slight advantage to sitting at third base for CC purposes, since you are able to make slightly better playing decisions (you see more cards by the time it is your turn).


    For SD games, there is quite a difference between first and third base.

    Lets say you start with $1 Million and play voodoo and lose it all. You then decide to pick up a CC book and learn how to count. Idk if you will make your money back, but hey, as long as you get it right in the end :laugh:
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    No Hole card

    Only if you lose all bets to a natural. U.S.style casinos that don't take a hole card only take your original bet. On losing splits they will put the chips on top of the busted cards until the dealer takes the hole card. If it's a BJ they give you the chips back. In Europe they'd have already taken and racked the chips.

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