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Discussion in 'General' started by OverDoSex, Dec 8, 2011.

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    Hey, I am new to this forum and to the game of BJ aswell, but after reading Edward O. Thorp's book "Beat the dealer" I got kind of obsessed with the idea of beating the game and it makes me struggle with insomnia.

    Since then (2 weeks have passed) I have read several more books on the topic and decided to learn Hi-Low system for my first winning strategy. I have been practicing the game with friend of mine for average of 4 hours a day now.

    The hardest part for me to seems to be keeping exact count of the cards remaining since its needed to use the indexes chart. So I had this idea, if it would be possible to convert indexes into True count numbers and I have been wondering how much would it affect the edge % if I did so.

    For example here is Hi-Lo Index chart for hard standing totals:
    (Image hosting expired, so image removed.)

    And if i converted it to the True count numbers it would look like this:
    (Image hosting expired, so image removed.)

    Im not 100% sure my calculations are correct, but my logic says that they should be.

    Now the question is, how much would it affect the edge you gain if instead of keeping the exact count of card remaining you simply keep track of approximate number left (maybe even ammount of decks left), so that it would allow you to replace index calculations and just stick to true count.

    Thank you if you bothered to read my gibberish and I must apologize for my bad english skills.
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  2. yesiamred

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    Hi, I think if you do some more research on this site as well as others you will find deck approximation numbers in order to calculate running count to true count. I use this style of counting/double counting and approximate unseen decks to aquire the true count count except the last 52 unseen cards in which I then calculate the actual number of unseen cards. That is how I convert so not sure about your conversion charts.

    Also, it takes months, months and many months of practice...not weeks. Good luck,
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  3. OverDoSex

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    I realize that it takes months of practice and I aint going to casino until I feel confident about myself. Right now I m just doing some research and trying to better understand the game itself.
  4. yesiamred

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    Okay, that's good to hear...knowledge is power...go get'em. No too many people use the double counting system anymore. Some say it's overkill but I say b.s., it works great for me! Good luck to you man!

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