A special greeting to MSRI

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MSRI = Mathematical Sciences Research Institute.

MSRI is one of the top locations for mathematical research in theworld, and is associated with UC Berkeley. I am writing to welcome allthose who are visiting this site from that location!

And remember, the second Galois Cohomology Group is isomorphic to the Brauer group.


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Re: question to Mayor and MSRI

Compute the square root the old fashion way... use the same method the calculator uses, only do it by hand!

Here are four methods to compute the square root of x.

1) Successive approximations. Simply start squaring numbers. If you get larger than x then your guess is too large, if you get smaller than x, then your guess is too small. Continue this until you are happy with your result (kind of like the old hi/lo guessing game).

2) Use the power series expansion for (1+y)^n (being careful to stay inside the radius of convergence). To use this, simply pull of as large an integer square from the number as you can, and use the forumla to get the rest. (n = 1/2).

3) Use the method you were taught in grade school. Here is a link: (Dead link: http://home.attbi.com/~rthamper/html/squareroot2.htm)

4) There is a recursive method as well, but I don't recall it. It is an application of Newton's method from Calculus.

Best luck with your computations!

Enough, already! I come to this forum to AVOID thinking about quadratic forms. It would be nice not to encounter the term "Brauer group" -- a hurtful term in the wrong context.

What link is there between algebraists
and card counting? Am I just a stereotype?

Excellent site, by the way. Thanks to the Mayor and all the thoughtful contributors who've posted here in the past few months.

Back to splitting my tens...

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Nice of you to speak up!

My Ph.D. dissertation won an award in a local newspaper for the most difficult to comprehend title:

"Green Functor Constructions in the Theory of Associative Algebras."

It is fun to have someone reading here who may actually understand that title :cool: