AC - unrated play restrictions


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Earlier unrated play was n't a big issue. Gradually over this year, can see the restrictions posted on the table. Borgata is by far the worst that the only bet allowed is the table minimum. Any insight what caused this war against them?


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I think this might be a broader MGM policy and not just Borgata, I think I might've seen signs regarding this last time I was in Vegas just before the pandemic at an MGM shop, so not terribly surprising it would come to Borgata (I think they've been integrating their computer systems so it wouldn't surprise me if management is also integrating other things).

Not sure how USTON v RESORTS would feel about this.


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Unless Gaming regs have changed, flat betting you is a violation. I haven't looked at the regs in several years, but it used to be that they are required to give you a 1-10 spread, unless the minimum/flat bet is $200 or more.