Aces to be seperated

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    Due to the nature of the game and that a high percentage of players tend to split ace, drawing additional cards ontop of them. Aces, whe gathered from play and inserted into the discard rack, have a tendacy to be seperated more so than other card values.

    You could assume this effect would carry over through the shuffle to some degree offering information to the player in these ways I can think of....

    1. Modifiing play decisions when the previous card dealt was an ACE
    2. When playing heads up, or at third base, it could give you different odds on insurance when your second card dealt was an ACE, but by how much?

    You coudl also use the same logic for the same play decisions with 8s, especially for insurance betting.
  2. Sucker

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    Zero. If they didn't shuffle at ALL, it would STILL be ALMOST zero.
  3. FLASH1296

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    Since Aces (normally) cannot be resplit ~ OR ~ hit there
    is a minuscule insignificant tendency toward clumping
  4. Sucker

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  5. FLASH1296

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    I agree. Not minuscule. Microscopic.
  6. chessplayer

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    Eights too then.

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