Advantage at Marina Sands. Wow

Discussion in 'Outside of USA' started by chessplayer, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. tthree

    tthree Banned

    I smell a ban coming.
  2. jnrwilliam

    jnrwilliam Active Member

    player rarely get adv off the top worldwide nowaday.
    ENHC ---
    ES10 , 6d +0.24%
    lose orig bet to bj +0.11%
    6d -0.54%
    simple maths
    still a minus game anyway.
  3. friendlygame

    friendlygame New Member

    how u got the figure +0.14?
  4. yeefc128

    yeefc128 New Member

    Blackjack jargon

    Sorry I am new to this forum. May I know what is the meaning of ES10?
  5. jnrwilliam

    jnrwilliam Active Member

    u r not only new to this forum but also new to the game Bj i guess.
    ES10 is early surr to 10s.

    P.S. i was new too.
  6. yeefc128

    yeefc128 New Member

    Thanks for your explanation.

    I appreciated this very much.

    Good luck for your venture in BJ.

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