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Hallo to all.

I want to give the casinos the advice, how they can make safe the game of Black Jack. When they follow this advice, they don't have to take care of any counter and offer in a relax way the game of BJ:

When you offer the 6 deck game, put the shuffle card at 2.2/6. ( a little more than 2 decks). When the min is 20, the max should be 200, when the min is 50, make the max 500. One player can only play 3 boxes. But not less than 3 spots, because then the players are angry and change casino.

You must allow the player to double any 2 cards, also surrender. When you offer these rules, you will be very happy.

See you in the casinos


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I love it!

> When you offer the 6 deck game, put the shuffle card at 2.2/6. ( a little more
> than 2 decks)... One player can only play 3 boxes. But not less than 3 spots.

Hmm, three boxes played and 114 cards dealt before a shuffle. That gives you about 11 rounds per shoe instead of the usual 22 (assuming 4.5/6 penetration). In the time it takes the dealer to shuffle you could have played 6 more rounds. Let's take a look at this.

If you use auto-shufflers you will never need to stop and shuffle, only replace the used shoe with a freshly shuffled one. We'll assume that an auto-shuffling table can deal 100 rounds per hour. That means you can deal 100 * 3 = 300 hands per hour, assuming you are dealing to 3 spots for each round.

If you deal 75% of the shoe before shuffling you will play 22 rounds before you have to shuffle (thereby wasting 6 rounds in the process). That gives you about 100 / 28 = 3.6 shoes dealt per hour. At 22 rounds per shoe you are dealing 3.6 * 22 = 79.2 rounds per hour and about 79.2 * 3 = 238 hands per hour (slightly inaccurate due to rounding). That's only about 79% of the potential 300 hands since you are wasting about 3.6 * 6 * 3 = 65 hands of play while shuffling.

Now let's assume that you are dealing 11 rounds then shuffling (and wasting 6 more rounds every time). You will be dealing 100 / 17 = 6 shoes per hour. That adds up to about 198 hands dealt and over 100 hands wasted shuffling every hour. Now you've dropped to about 66% efficiency. Not such a great plan, is it?

> See you in the casinos

You sure will! I'll be the guy tracking those two decks and cutting them to wherever I want them to be. It's like reverse cut-off tracking. The top of the shoe will ALWAYS be advantageous for the player, even for the ones who aren't counting!

You've managed to reduce the amount of action your casino is getting while simultaneously turning every player in the casino into an Advantage Player. Please tell me where you work! PRETTY PLEASE!!!!



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...and profits lost by restricting max limit.

Mr. casino consultant,are you for real?
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