Allegiant Airlines to Wendover

Midwest Player

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I have made several trips to Wendover in the past with the old Max Aire Airline. I believe it was called Xtra Airlines. However, I have yet to make a trip to Wendover with the new Allegiant Airlines. How is travel with the new carrier?

I noticed recently alot of the flights are not full and was wondering if it was due to bad service by Allegiant or something else has happened in Wendover. Are heat and playing conditions pretty much the same as in the past. I have spread as much as 1 to 6 with green in Wendover, but most of the time its only 1 to 4.

Billy C1

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Mostly okay

I've never been to Wendover but have used Allegiant almost exclusively to Vegas for the last 5 or 6 years.
I've been mostly satisfied with them.



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ALlegient Air OK

I've flown allegient air on several
Occasions. Nothing fancy...but safe, on time, and comfortable enough for me. U have to pay for a boxed lunch though....only non alcoholic beverages and pretzels are free.