Am I Ready To Hit The Casino?


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KewlJ said:
I know my communication skills leave something to be desired, as it is not one of my strengths, but really, I though I just explained it pretty clearly. :rolleyes:

Uh are chasing pennies. o_O To each his own.
Rather than penny chasing, I'd rather it be lumens!
I would advise you to check out some guides on youtube. This will really help you and will improve your gambling skills. Also, you will need a lot of experience. This means that you need to play a lot to gain some real skills or how I call them instincts. As a newbie I would advise you to start with something easy like bingo. I'm a bingo player and I found some great sites on . You can find there a lot of best sites. They all are well described with a lot of pros and cons. They have a nice interface and an easy one! Hope this will be helpful for you!
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