Any 6D S17 games in Quebec?

Discussion in 'Outside of USA' started by JohnnyRodge18, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. JohnnyRodge18

    JohnnyRodge18 New Member

    I know that Lac Leamy has one table that is $50 min 6D S17, anyone know the avg pen for this game? Also I've only heard about 8D H17 in Montreal and Mont Tremblant... anyone know of a 6D S17 game in the high roller room? I would assume that they're the same as Leamy and have at least one table like this but have yet to hear anything about it.
  2. Tree

    Tree Well-Known Member

    The only difference between a regular table and the high limit section at Lac Leamy is that it's 6 decks instead of 8, I believe.
  3. Meistro

    Meistro Well-Known Member

    not true lac lamay has both 8 deck H17 25-1000 tables and 6 deck S17 $50-2000 tables in their hi limt room.
  4. Tree

    Tree Well-Known Member

    Really? Since when? I never saw S17 there...maybe it's been too long =/

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