Any Advice

A little background. This is my fourth attempt at card counting. The first 2 times I mainly used the running count. I don't even remember how I bet, it was at least few years ago. Those first 2 times needless to say did not go so well. The third time I was about 117 hours in and up $2,320. I use high low, 17 deviations and the fab 4. My bet spread is true count 1 or lower $15, 2 $25, 3 $50, 4 or higher $75. The game is 8 decks, DAS, DOA, SUR, S17 and H17, about 6.5 deck pen, 3:2. I had to stop for awhile. I'm trying again and so far I'm about 45 hours in and down about $430. At this moment my bankroll is $3,000. So if you combine my last attempt and my current one I'm 167 hours in and up $1890. Just recently I'm making much fewer mistakes at home with the QFIT software and someone dealing to me once in awhile. I struggle with adding up my hand and trying to keep the count in the casino setting. The third attempt I relied a lot on the dealer for my hand total when I had multi card hands and when they added up their hand. This time I'm trying to do it all myself. I can do it fairly easy at home but at the casino I'm not as relaxed and I feel more pressure. I find myself this time being less confident in the running count as well. It really is slow going to try and improve in the casino setting. I know when I practice at home i'm getting better. I wanted to make it at least to the 200 hour mark to see where I stand. Even if I'm where I'm suppose to be at the end of the 200 hour mark and I still can't add up my hand all the time and the dealer's hand where does that even leave me? This is more recreational for me but I am trying to do it well. Thank you for reading this and any advice you might have.
Remember that perfect practice makes perfect. If you find casino play to be stressful, then you could try to emulate some of that stress at home. Play loud music or try to talk to someone when you are practicing. If there’s noone for you to talk to, put on the tv and talk to that. As far as adding up the hands, this should eventually not require much of your brain power. Try to deal hands to yourself and count your hand without the rc. You can probably deal yourself 1000 hands an hour this way. Incorporate this with some of those other stressors and dedicate yourself and the skill will come.