Any casino's in london that have a £1 min bet?

Discussion in 'Outside of USA' started by WilliamJ, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. WilliamJ

    WilliamJ New Member

    My bankroll is considerably low and I just wondered if anyone out there new if there were any casino's in London that offer a £1 min bet on blackjack,so far all I have seen they are mostly £5 and £10.
  2. tezzadiver

    tezzadiver Well-Known Member

    No. They might have offered that minimum bet probably at the same time dinosaurs were still roaming the earth :laugh:

    Mint casino used to offer a £3 minimum only during daytime hours. I don`t know if they still do it. They are mainly CSM`s anyway but do have a shoe game where that min bet was applicable (at certain hours)

    Give them a call and ask if they still do it?

    You could always take a chance with the £5 min games but if you have a small bankroll your ROR is large.
    You can still play a slightly positive EV game with a lower spread at some particular places.

    But why not just wong? If you have- lets say a £1K bankroll, just play the shoe games when it is busy and only play the positive counts- even flat betting might net you some good results.

    This is probably your best option to enlarge your bankroll.
  3. London Colin

    London Colin Well-Known Member

    Actually, it's £2. Plus it's a 4-decker. I think they still do it; I haven't been in a little while.

    The hours were 4pm-8pm, if I remember correctly. But often I used to find the one table with a shoe to be empty at that time, with no dealer standing behind it, while a bunch of people played on the CSM table. Maybe they would provide a dealer if asked, but I never did, as I was worried it might draw some unwanted attention.

    The Gala at Russell Square (and maybe others) also reduces the min bet (from £5 to £3) during the less busy periods. Again, there tends to be just one table open.
  4. WilliamJ

    WilliamJ New Member

    Excellent thanks,i shall try that in the next couple weeks,il let you know how is goes

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