Any general information on Seattle card rooms?

Discussion in 'Western USA' started by kirbyk, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. kirbyk

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    Appears that there are lots of tournaments in the metro Seattle area but wondered about the "rules" for regular table play. 3:2 BJ, S17, DAS, Surrender?? Min/max bets during weekdays? All info appreciated.

    Looks like it might be worth a Southwest flight in the springtime.
  2. Diver

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    I recommend that you purchase at least a single issue (if that's possible) of Current Blackjack News as it has accurate detail about the games at Indian Casinos and card clubs in the region. S17? Just asking for that might get you barred :rolleyes: . I don't think there are any SD games in the region. The Indian Casinos have loads of terrible 8D games and very few decent 6D and DD games. You won't be able to table hop 6D games reliably due to small numbers of open tables at a given time. A few of the card rooms have decent DD games (and no more than one per location) with max bets of $200.
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    I would also recommend CBJN. The latest issue just came out and the information on the seattle casinos is very up to date, at least it says it was updated January 2008. Doesnt look like there are any S17 games. However, it does look like there are some decent games so you might want to concider picking up a single issue($12). It will probably save you a lot of time and point you in the right direction. In fact, almost all of the state of washington appears to be updated.
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    Hi Kirby-
    If you're willing to take a drive the Lucky Eagle Casino offers a good game.
    DAT,DAS,LS,6 Deck,single deck,double deck,good to very good pen. They are in Rochester Washington. Take exit 88 off of I-5 and good luck.
    Like they said Current Blackjack News is invaluable.
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    As the CBJN reporter for the Seattle area, I would also recommend that you purchase a copy before your visit. I don't report on every casino every month, but few casinos go more than two months without an update.

    A representative game in the area would be 6D or 8D, H17, double after split allowed. About half the casinos offer late surrender. Average pen is 4.5/6.0 or 6.8/8.0, but varies a lot from one casino to the next or even from one dealer/shift to the next. CBJN will give you a general idea of what each store will offer, but as with any other area, your mileage may vary.

    There are also 2D games at some casinos, but with only a couple notable exceptions, the pen is terrible and the game is pretty much unplayable.

    At most casinos, Pai Gow Poker is the most popular game, and Spanish 21 is a close second. Blackjack is not as popular (or as profitable for the casino). As a result, many casinos have only one or two BJ games, and they are not guaranteed to be open during your visit.

    Most of the casinos are non-tribal "mini-casinos", and they generally have a better game to compete with their larger tribal counterparts. Here are some of the limitations and competitive disadvantages the mini-casinos face:
    1) Game offerings: Mini-casinos may only offer card games. Tribal casinos can have video slot machines, craps, roulette, and other non-card games.
    2) Smoking: The state has a smoking ban at any public location, including casinos. Tribal casinos are not subject to this ban.
    3) Betting limits: Tribal casinos can have a $500 max bet; Mini-casinos can have a $200 max bet.
    4) Number of tables: Mini-casinos are limited to 15 tables; I'm not aware of a limit for tribal casinos - the largest have nearly 100 table games.
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    Thanks to all for their comments. I was initially intrigued by an article in BJInsider that described all kinds of tournaments and I wondered what the game at the regular tables was like. Tournament BJ is my preference but I would expect to spend some time at the other tables between rounds.


    P.S. how does one buy a single issue of the magazine?
  7. mjbballar23

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  8. EmeraldCityBJ

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    The Seattle area offers several opportunities for low stakes tournament players (buy-ins typically in the $10-50 range). In some cases, casinos add money to the prize pool, making the tournament +EV even if you are just an "average" tournament player.

    The best resource for tournament info is a local newsletter called "The Tournament Turkey". It's an amateur publication distributed by a local player who goes by the name "Rebuy Bob". Although I disagree with much of the information in the articles and his tournament ratings, the listings themselves are generally accurate and very useful. It will take some doing to find a copy. A few casinos have copies at the cage, or on a table or magazine rack with other gambling publications. I've seen them available at Roman (Renton), Iron Horse (Everett, and possibly Auburn), and Royal (Everett). Another way to get a copy is to ask "Rebuy Bob" for one - if you play in enough tournaments, you will eventually run into him.

    Another source of tournament info is the "Western Gambling Journal", a monthly publication available at the majority of casinos in the area. It has a listing of tournaments in the back, but it's not nearly as complete as the "Tournament Turkey". You may also find info about additional tournaments (not listed in the back) if you scan the articles or check the ads from each individual casino.
  9. kirbyk

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    I am just an average low-stakes player who has been hurting since the Internet sites have mostly closed down. Nothing nearby in Virginia and Seattle seems to have the greatest concentration. Thanks for the info and the additional references.

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    I will be back on the west coast tomorrow. Anyone know the status on the Casino they are building up by Echo Lake?
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  12. mdlbj

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    Snuck into the tulalip today mid morning, was able to bump the table limit to 1k. Not sure why you are not playing higher stakes Emerald city bj, these guys are to easy. Its all about the money, they will accommodate.
  13. EmeraldCityBJ

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    Last I heard, Casino Snoqualmie will open toward the end of this year.

    Regarding Tulalip, I've never been there when they've had decent penetration. With the exception of maybe one dealer in 20 which might cut 4.5/6, I've always observed 4/6 or worse from most dealers.

    I'm very surprised they offered $1000 table limits since I always thought the compact they signed with the state limited them to a $500 max bet. The max bet I'm comfortable with with my present BR is 2x$200, so the higher limits (or lack thereof) are not yet a concern to me.

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