Any good shoe games in Shreveport?


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I was going to head to Shreveport in a few days. Any good casinos there? I've heard some good things about it and wanted to check it out. I'm interested mainly in the shoe games. How many decks, penetration, basic rules, etc. Feel free to PM me as well. Thanks.


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One with a very good shoe game is ELDORADO

$5 minimums and $5,000 maximums

6 decks S17 and resplit Aces

around 1.8 decks cut off.
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thanks flash. i'm going to check it out. is samstown anygood? i've heard it's a pretty big place, but don't know if it's worth checking out while i'm there.


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There are 5 casinos in Shreveport.

Sam's Town is the other good joint for shoe games.

Seven 6-deck tables.

$5 to $3,000

S17 Late Surrender

Penetration varies by dealer so look around and be sure to hand out
frequent small tokes so that they will deal reasonably deep for you.