Any side counts worth anything in Lucky Ladies?

Discussion in 'General' started by FrankieT, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. FrankieT

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    Is there a simple side count worth employing using HiLo in a 2d game playing LL10 - something that accounts for the high value of the queen of hearts maybe.

    Something I was thinking- maybe queen of hearts valued at -3. 7's through 9's valued at +1.

    Yes I put this question in another thread, but i'm so interested in knowing this that I figured i'd make a thread based solely on this question.
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    How about Queen of hearts -4 and aces +1, divide the side count by 2 and add to hilo count. It would devalue the ace by half while adding importance to the heart queen. Aces should probably be devalued to 1/4 for better correlation to the EOR for the side bet. This is a nice compromise without recomputing the index. Just an educated guess.
  3. Sonny

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    PM sent.

  4. The last time I played LL for high stakes, I just used the Insurance Count. It was a DD game so I just raised my strike point after I saw one QH, and lowered it if I went halfway through the pack without seeing a QH. It was a very profitable session, complemented by 100% of my insurance bets paying off. The Insurance Count is not the best thing for playing or betting but it is surprisingly adequate, if you can get enough down on a sidebet.
  5. Supposedly it's valuable in +6.5 tc.

    I like the square pairs bet 4-1 on any 20, the dealers card is meaningless in this. Plus it pays 1000-1 on pair of queen of hearts in a DD game. If the count is +4 with no Qh's out then bet $100 on your and and $25 on the side bet (thats the max where I played).

    Super pairs just bets you have a pair, unlike tens do not count (I think a unlike tens should be a push). The payout is 15-1 the odds are 17-1. I think I lost $4 in single bets just to look like a ploppie, but I had a feeling that I'd win one and bet $5 and won $75. The dealer told me it's one you have to have a feeling it's going to win. Not scientific, but since unlike tens have no value there is no way to count.

    If only a few types of cards had come out there might be a slightly improved chance that you'd get a pair later, but this didnt test well. You could wait till you hadnt had a pair in the last 20 hands then bet $1 for 5 hands, the $5 for 5 hands, then $25 for 5 hands. But that has no science behind it and would be called a voodoo betting strategy, stick to counting.:flame:

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