Anybody have any luck at Hard Rock in Hollywood, Fl

I have posted a few times about this house. Been to Immokkalle, Tampa many times and have had good success. But for some reason whether it be bad luck or what, I just can not hit at Hollywood. If anyone has had success there please share info, might be me but just can not win there on great counts!!! Played last 3 days there for about a total of 20+ hours and using bet spread from 1-10. And got crushed. Thank god for the big win in bahmas last week!!!


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onetobet said:
1-10 to small? i play in high limit range from 100-1000 on top plays, so your saying on high counts be more aggresive???
Yes, it's way too small for such a lousy game. But you don't have to increase the top end - drop the low end on low counts. Spread from $50-$1k, and/or wong aggressively - you should certainly not be playing $100/hand at a disadvantage. No wonder you're getting killed.

But if you're playing black you should consider traveling to a better game.