Anyone have experience playing in Mexico??

bj jr

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In Mexico City 4 casinos brands have at least 65% penetration and decent rules. I played when started training and made some $:

- Big bola (santa fe and pedregal)-pretty relaxed pit boss no id required

- Caliente (bosques, tecamachalco-this one is a l little harder to beat. There is 1 more location but I didn’t play there: naucalpan) )-pretty relaxed pit boss, Require id

- Casino Palace-they remove taxes on profits (del valle. It has 2 more locations but I didn’t play there: Jardines del pedregal and toreo). Pit boss not so relaxed, require id and take notes when cash out of what are your profits

- Yak (only the napoles location is a little hard but beatable. The other locations have no penetration as use csm). Pit boss not so relaxed, required id

Visited most of the rest and were closed, csm (so no penetration) or waste of time (like king casino in zona rosa uses 8 decks and small bet range so long play and very small profits)

I even did a bet spread up to 20 units in some of them and sometimes double or more my cash without so much heat. Played for about 4 months.