As & 8s

Anyone employ any indices regarding when not to split these cards. I just use basic indices for standing on stiffs and doubling when the dealer shows strength and for insurance. Last night I split As several times in deeply negative counts and just had a gut feeling that this might be the wrong move.

But I have not read anything yet that suggests doing anything different and saw no reason to get the table in a row over not splitting them.
When not to...

... split As and 8s is fairly rare - hitting AA against dealer A in a very negative count or standing 88 vs. dealer 10 in a very positive count.

Notwithstanding the above, I often hit AA regardless of dealer's card in order to keep the two Aces together (1-2D games) and it looks really stupid! zg
Not that big a deal

As ZG says there is a negative index for not splitting AA vs. dealer A but it's not very worthwhile. It's around -5 for a level 2 count I think, probably around -3 for High-Low.

If you are playing a game with surrender, surrender 88 vs. 10 in positive counts is a little more useful, as are all surrender plays.
The only time its a big deal...

... is when you wind up splitting 8s 2-3x with max bets against 10-A and lose them all... thats when it would have been good to know the index. zg


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A's and 8's

If the count is bad enough to consider splitting A's or 8's maybe you should be visiting your lucky urinal. (Mine is the third from the left:>)