Avery Cardoza multi deck strategy

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  1. mikeyc

    mikeyc New Member

    Has anyone heard of or tried the Avery Cardoza "multi deck 1-2-3 non counter strategy? I read his first book on basic strategy and liked it. But, I am really just a recreational player. Not playing often enough for counting yet. I thought this might be a good step before counting? I would love to know if anyone has used it.
  2. rogue1

    rogue1 Well-Known Member

    Avery Cardoza

    One of the first books I read was Quick Guide to Winning Blackjack by Avery Cardoza. After reading it I knew the rules of the game and I had Basic Strategy down cold after taking some time to memorize it. I would whole heartedly recommend that book to all beginning players. I have to guess that the 1-2-3 system is a positive progressive betting system but I really don't know for sure. I just know he offered it for sale in the back of his book and also offered a counting system for sale.
  3. Sonny

    Sonny Well-Known Member

    As far a progression systems go, it isn't too bad (only mildly dangerous). As far as winning systems go, it's crap.

    "ANYONE CAN WIN!..it allows anyone at all, against any number of decks, to have the advantage over any casino in the world in a multiple deck game."

    And yet the casinos continue to win money! Anyone who tells you that an easy system is "guaranteed to give you the edge" is trying to scam you.

    If you want to play for fun then stick to basic strategy. If you want to become a winning player it will take a lot of work. Either choice is fine as long as you understand the reality of the situation.

  4. rogue1

    rogue1 Well-Known Member

    question for Sonny

    Hi Sonny-
    So, is it the 1-2-3-5 positive progression?
  5. mikeyc

    mikeyc New Member

    Cardoza 1-2-3

    I appreaciate the info. I did read on wizard of odds that all progression/regression strategies were terrible. I wanted to ask somebody before I spent my $50 bucks. I think I might try the golden touch or KO system. I've heard there a little less tedious.
  6. Why don't you take the free High-Low course on the Gamesmaster site? It is the only blackjack education you will ever need.
  7. shadroch

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    Not all progressions/regressions are equal.Some,such as Oscars Grind, are far superior than others.Some,such as the Martingale,are truly dangerous.None will allow you to overcome the house edge,but some will keep you in the game far longer than others.
  8. rogue1

    rogue1 Well-Known Member

    hello mikeyc

    I use an unbalanced count, the Kiss III, and it gets the money. You just have a running count, no true count conversion to make. It is explained thoroughly in Fred Renzeys' Blackjack Bluebook II. Good luck.
  9. Gambler72K

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    The Cardoza 1-2-3 multi-deck count is NOT a progression. It is a very simple count system to track the number of high-to-low cards and assigning a running count on which bets are predicated. It predates the "Speed Count" and is somewhat more crude than the SC. He claims a .5 to 1% advantage using his count.
  10. gronbog

    gronbog Well-Known Member

    Gambler, pay attention to the age of the thread when responding. The last post is almost 11 years old. All of this threads participants are long gone or long ago found out what they wanted to know.
  11. prankster

    prankster Well-Known Member

    I use KISS III explained in Blackjack Bluebook II. It gets the $$$!

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