aviator casino in Delano, CA

Discussion in 'Western USA' started by arrando, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. arrando

    arrando Well-Known Member

    Just stumbled upon this casino which is saying they have pure blackjack with no collection fee per hand. Is this actual countable blackjack?
  2. FLASH1296

    FLASH1296 Well-Known Member

    Tell us what the conditions are. The no. of decks, the penetration, and the rules.

    Their website does not give rules and procedures and references the game as "Pure Blackjack" --
    which means that the game will probably be hideous e.g. 8 deckers with H17 and 2 decks cut off.
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  3. arrando

    arrando Well-Known Member

    I'll let you know when I pass by it on the way back from LA in a month, but have you ever seen anything like this at a non indian res casino in CA?
  4. arrando

    arrando Well-Known Member

    Ok nevermind then, I gave em a call and it looks like csm on tables, 6 deck and 6:5 bj payout. awful
  5. irobinson

    irobinson Well-Known Member

    This is a common game at the CA card rooms.
  6. arrando

    arrando Well-Known Member

    No not really. Most card rooms have "no bust" blackjack which actually gives the player a 0.5% edge inherently (playing basic strat tailored to "no bust"), but the collection fee swings the edge back to the house.
  7. irobinson

    irobinson Well-Known Member

    I thought most did away with the no bust thing. Oh well.
  8. blackriver

    blackriver Well-Known Member

    I thought I read some academic paper about how no bust blackjack had something like a >1% house edge and an ante
  9. nicetrades200303

    nicetrades200303 Well-Known Member

    Last I checked with wizard of odds, 6-deck and 8-deck 6:5 blackjack games give the house around 2% edge. It’s quite difficult, if not impossible, to beat these games with just straight counting.
  10. irobinson

    irobinson Well-Known Member

    The places that charge the ante are 3:2.

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