Backed Off in Mesquite, NV

Got my first back off, in Mesquite, NV at the Virgin River Casino.

I have been playing there pretty frequently for a couple years. I am an AP, but I'm no "high roller". Play at DD tables, $10 or $15 min. As for bet spread, most I do is play $30 each on 2 spots. Most I've ever walked with is a $200 profit.

Can't believe I got backed off under these circumstances. They actually refused to give me a reason for the back off, but told me I am banned from BJ at both properties in town (Virgin River and Casablanca) but am welcome to play any other game I want, so obviously it's for being an AP.

So, if you are headed for Mesquite, APs beware.

LV Bear

Virgin River and Casablanca have been notorious sweatshops for years. At least most of their backoffs, but not all, are reasonably polite.