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  1. arrando

    arrando Well-Known Member

    Is the rule of thumb for bankroll based on max or min units? The reason I ask is because, on the income per hour calculator, it says you can get $90 an hr (ko preferred, $10K bank, 1-4 spread). That would make sense with a 25-100 spread. Other places say that you need at least 1000 min units for the bankroll.
  2. iCountNTrack

    iCountNTrack Well-Known Member

    What are the rules, numbers of decks, penetration of that game. The better the rules, the fewer the decks, the deeper the penetration the bigger is your advantage, the smaller the bankroll you need and the bigger your hourly return.
    1000 min units is an average more realistic figure representative of today's counting games
  3. arrando

    arrando Well-Known Member

    great rules: single deck, h17, good pen like Ro7

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