Barfarkel interview online Friday night *LINK*

Continuing in a long series of shameless self-promotions, I'll be interviewed on the Pat Benton Side Bets online radio show this coming Friday night. You'll have to tune in live because they don't yet archive their interviews. Here's how the blurb reads on the You've Got Heat website:

Listen to a live streaming interview with Barfarkel this coming Friday night November 25, 2005.

On your computer, tune in to Pat Benton's website at and click the big grey button on the bottom left which says: Click here to Listen to Pat Benton's Side Bets, Live! The interview with Barfarkel will last the better part of an hour and will start at 8:30 Pacific, 9:30 Mountain, 10:30 Central and 11:30 Eastern. See you there!

Note: You may have to download and install the Streamer software, which takes only a moment, then scan the listings of stations in the window to find and double-click "Pat Benton's Side Bets" show.