Barona and Chumash Casino's


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Pro21 said:
See what happens if you are up 2,000
Heh, I don't start with BR big enough to get there. I have seen people do whacky action at the tables and the pit didn't mind. But, then was obvious they were a "luck" player so....maybe they didn't care.

I mostly play red chips so I have never had a PB vulture the table.


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Pro21 said:
If you bet black chips or heavy green you probably want to avoid Pala. Their pit is really stupid and they sweat blood.
your statement is a bit contradictory.... and hasn't been my experience at all.

if you play the right hours, you can bet as big as your bankroll.

as far as pechanga is concerned, avoid the place, and if you can't avoid the place because you umm just can't, then hit them hard and without restraint. Getting bounced from there would be a blessing, if they're even smart enough.
BlackBandit said:
Hey guys, I'm not really new to the forums, as I would always read everything posted, just never created an account until now. I've been counting now for 7 months and am going to be living in San Diego soon... was wondering what all the casinos down there are like, I heard Barona is a favorite, but was curious about the heat from that place. I've already read all about the rules there, but if anyone could let me know anything they know about the place it would be greatly appreciated.

I also have been hitting up the Chumash Casino up by Santa Barbara for the last 6 months... if anyone has any questions on that just shoot it my way.. i know the place like the back of my hand.. literally :)

So, does Chumash BJ offers Surrender? And what’s the best penetration you have seen? And what’s the DD situation? Unfortunately they don’t post their BJ rules on their website, I’m planning to give them visit so, anything about regular BJ table that you could tell me, I do appreciate.