Barona, Sycuan, Viejas, Card rooms

Barona: 6 deck h17 DAS, RSA, LS, Re-split Aces, DA2, BJ 3-2, 1.2 deck cut off $5 min
Barona: 2D, 50% pen, RSA DAS, DA2, LS, Re-split Aces, Bj 3 to 2, $25 min but you can find it cheaper on a slower night
Barona: They do sweat all counters, this is a smart casino and they will back you off, regardless of the stakes you're playing and it won't take them long if they identify you quick enough. They're very professional though. Barona won't 86 you or rough you up. They will just back you off.
SIDE BETS: Buster Blackjack and perfect pairs, no side bets on the 2D games.
Barona: The food is great, AMAZING food! Barona's buffet is world class, their restaurants are delicious. Barona has a steak house, a Sushi place and tons of other options. There's not a single bad place to eat in Barona. All their food is delicious and you don't have to break the bank for it. They have these $1 street tacos that are just to die for
Sycuan: Identical rules to Barona except you can't re-split Aces, everything else is basically the same.
Sycuan: They're building a hotel right now that won't be ready until 2019, until then if you want to stay there you're going to have to stay a few miles down the road. They do have a golf course.
Sycuan: The food is bad for the most part and over priced. There is one restaurant I enjoyed eating at down there though. I forget the name of it but it was down by the main gaming floor. Even that place was just mediocre though.
Side Bets: Buster blackjack only (if I recall correctly)
HEAT: As far as Sycuan goes, they're not as sweaty as Barona. If you want to get kicked out of Sycuan you're going to have to play them hard and long. I used virtually no cover and played there for several hours on end over the course of several months and didn't get backed off. If you use any cover at Sycuan you can probably play there for a good year and never get backed off. Be careful when you do get backed off though. They handle it very badly. When I got backed off from this place they confronted me in the middle of the pit and made a very bad/awkward situation. They 86d me.

Viejas: Same rules as Barona and Sycuan, except there is no late surrender. The penetration at Viejas is the best by far. In Viejas' 6 deck game they cut off less than 1 deck, probably about 0.75 decks, in their DD game they cut off probably about 30 cards.
Viejas side bets: Viejas has KB on their 2 Deck games and they have Lucky Lucky and Buster blackjack on their 6 deck game. I forget which other side bet they have on their DD game. I also forget the pay table on their KB but I think it was a good pay table. I forget the pay outs on it but I remember analyzing it a while ago and being impressed with it.
HEAT: These guys are oblivious. Let me give you an example of how oblivious these guys are: I played there every morning for a few months, I performed way above expected value, didn't get taped. No one cared. Towards the end of my run the dealers knew me well, the pit knew me, they knew I was counting cards, they let me keep playing. No one cared. What it took to finally get me backed off: I wonged in to a 6 deck shoe, bet 3 spots, split tens 4 times, the pit boss was clueless, I had to cash my chips, come back, then the eye in the sky called them on the phone. The back off was courteous. They told me I couldn't play BJ.
Viejas Food: The food is amazing! The cheaper options aren't that great but if you go down to "The Café" or their buffet their food is AMAZING.
HOTEL: They have a hotel right now but they're also building a new one with a salt water pool and adults only!
Viejas is the only Casino that serves alcohol on the main gaming floor so you need to be 21+ to get in here
Barona and Sycuan you need to be 18+ because the have designated drinking areas.

EDIT: I forgot to mention card rooms. Card rooms usually pay 6 to 5 on a BJ and have some high rake and bad rules, the reason for this is because a third party known as "the banker" comes in to "bank" the games because California card rooms aren't allowed to profit prom games of chance so the "banker" or third party, usually a company, cones in and banks the game but pays a commission tot he house. In order to pay that commission and profit from the game the rules have to be on the poorer side.
EDIT 2: I forgot to mention Golden Acorrn. One game, 6 deck 50% pen, 2.5 decks cut off if you're lucky. 3 dollar min. Pair square. Just stay away from this shit hole.
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