Be aware of 7 Luck Casino in Korea

Actually all Casino in Korea, since I didn't think 7 luck would cheat but friends and I had been monitoring for 3 days.
It was ok in 2018 but somehow it changes for 2019, below are the suspicious points we found

- I am using KISS III and my friend is using HiLo, 95% every shoe ended with positive RC, we played for around 30 hours in two days.
- We did side count separately and we found there is 9 diamond 4 in 8D game.
- We found there was at least 9 diamond A(10 the most) in 8D game, which is not reasonable, I think(just my personal assumption) it might be a mistake when they strategically repack new cards by software, all new cards had been processed since dealer just opened the box and then cut to play directly.
- Casino rejected card inspection.
- We played for around 30 hours, and lost around KRW 50,000 per hour per person in basic play(10,000 BJ table), I think this is far higher than 0.36% disadvantage.

Above FYR.
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xengrifter said:
Extra Aces are good for player.
yeah true, but when a hand with 4 Aces it may also make dealer BJ to kill all players. not sure why they do so, that’s why I assume it’s a mistake in the repacking process.
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