Beating the Pair Square side bet.

Discussion in 'General' started by Mimosine, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. Mimosine

    Mimosine Well-Known Member

    Is it possible to beat the Pair Square side bet with a regular counting strategy?

    (any pair pays 10:1, suited pair pays 15:1)

    from other sources it looks like the house edge is around 6-10%

    I was wondering if at a particularly high count (or low count) would this bet become advantageous? Or would the count at which this side-bet become worthwhile be unobtainable.... The reason I ask is because at several high counts i have received pairs of 10s Faces or As, but don't know if this can be exploited. My feelings are that such a huge edge is not going to be overcome with a straight count... but what do i know!

    thoughts/inklinks? thanks!
  2. AC232323

    AC232323 Well-Known Member

    Sorry to resurrect a very, very old thread like this--but I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on software that would be useful for examining these type of problems? Doing hand calculations it looks like there is a point where it is advantageous, but I was hoping there would be something where I could see what % of the time you actually have an advantage at each count. Anyone know of anything that could aid in this?

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