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Hey Guys,

I've been browsing this forum for the past couple of months and I have only recently made an account (This only being my second post). Which would be the best Casino in Asia for small team counting and how much do you think we could get away with? I don’t really mind heat..But I don’t want to end up in some hovel in a dodgy part of a dodgy city with my knee caps beaten in etc..You guys all seem pretty smart you get the idea. I currently know Zen counting well (the original method not the ¼ deck method). I never learnt hi lo as it seemed to be obsolete compared to the Zen count for my local casino, But if it would be more beneficial for me to learn another count counting system in order to gain a higher edge at X casino ( due to rule variations) I would be more than happy to.

P.S. I appreciate other peoples posts on these forums and would like to thank you all for the wealth of information that you have given me...I will attempt to contribute when I can but I'm still rather new to this and wouldn't want to embarrass myself by giving information that would be far inferior in comparison to other users here.




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Asian casinos are principally CSM so counting opportunities are scarce.

That said, IIRC South Korea has some shoe games, I think. I've never been but I've heard from other members that it is the case. I wouldn't know how much you can get away with, however.

I know you're a counter, but if you're also open to just recreational BJ play, I must recommend Wynn Macau. I'm only a mass-market player by Macanese standards but their service is phenomenally good (they made me feel extremely welcome and they all have good English), you can get free alcohol on the main casino floor, and their BJ rules are the equal best in all of Macau (house edge 0.10%). Their pit-bosses also have the ability to give discretionary comps and the food is very good. So its probably easier to comp-hustle at Wynn Macau than anywhere else in Macau. Their games are CSM (hence uncountable) and their property is labyrinthe and difficult to navigate, but for purely recreational play I recommend them wholeheartedly. Their BJ mins start at 200HKD (MGM across the street has 100HKD mins and takes MOP as well as HKD at some tables, but they don't give free booze to gamblers and they're actually more tightfisted with comps (i.e. pitbosses have no discretion) and the service isn't as good).


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Thanks again studio! I'll keep it in mind IIRC sounds like my best bet (as I'd want the counting in the casino to pay for the trip ++) But Wynn Macau sounds pretty decent from a holiday especially if comps are that good..




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why would you guys talk about garbage CSM games ,they are useless to play against if no decent rebates are offer .I DONT SEE THE POINT OF TALKING ABOUT THEM AT A card counting forum.i find people lucky to be an a.p. in north america ,because they have fair to good blk jack condition.