BeTheDealer Casino

Has anyone played at (Dead link: _bethedealer.com_?

Is it really that easy to win money?

What software does it run? What kind of blackjack games do they provide? What are the rule variations?

If everyone can be the dealer and enjoy a house edge why would anyone bother to play as normal players against the dealers with a negative edge?


Staff member
I played at (Dead link: _BeTheDealer_ and had some success a few years back, and they were an advertiser here as well. However, I came to doubt the validity of their video poker progressive which paid very rarely with months and months between hits. With all the players I saw there, there's just no way that no one was hitting more frequent royal flushes if the game was dealt fairly. Despite their assurances to me that the game was random, I removed them from my site.

I actually made a fair amount of profit playing blackjack there personally, so I don't know what to think overall. But if I suspect there may be a problem, I can't promote them in good faith.

As for the details of how the Be The Dealer part works, you have to play at the regular game to accrue points that allow you to then be the dealer and get the benefit of the house edge. Even then, there's a commission deducted. Blackjack is not the best game to deal. Slots, VP or Caribbean Stud are good choices, although you have to stomach the big occasional wins.

It's a really neat idea, and I have to admit it was a lot of fun.