Better rules?

I was just wondering if there are any clubs in Reno that stand on 17. It seems to me that the rules are not that favorable for the player in Reno. If anyone has input about good places to play blackjack in Reno, please let me know. OR do I have to travel to Vegas to find a good game.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Just Learning
Hey there!

The dealer hits the soft 17 at pretty much all of the casinos in and near downtown Reno, but you might find a table or two at the Reno Hilton where they don't. However, if you make the quick trip over to Sparks, you'll probaby find the more player-friendly dealer stands on soft 17 rule at the casinos there. And, if I'm not mistaken, the Boomtown and Bonanza casinos that are on the outskirts of Reno also have player-friendly rules.