The Mayor

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Yes, of course.

New Jersey is the center of the intelligent universe. From what I understand, all intelligence begins in NJ. Just look at their governors.


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Yes, the Garden State enjoys a special status in the intelligence department.

Althought it may be true that intelligent life may have escaped their embryonic development containers to take root in other parts of the planet, this development was clandestine and known to very few New Jerseyites, indeed very Earth residents. BTW, this is the reason that the Martian invaders targeted New Jersey in their 1939 attack upon us. It was this attack that prompted the guberment to transfer the lab work to Area 51, southeast of Tonopah. As you can verify for yourselves by dropping in for a friendly visit. Just explain, that, as a citizen-taxpayer, you'd like to look around. They'll be pleased to acommodate you. Trust me on this.

You are most likely alluding to the "Time-Light Emersion" method of advantage play. Whereby, the AP can look through any one card to see the markings on the next. This, of course, requires the use of a device called a Negative Inversion Flashlight or "N.I.F." for short.

Since it is against Nevada/AC law to enter a casino with a cheating device, the alien inventors of the N.I.F. had the foresight to design it to take up negative space, thereby actually making it illegal to enter a casino without one.

This is why our friends failed to procreate and overtake us. They would shove them in their pants to impress the alien ladies and ... ...