BJinfo coming to an end. Where to now for Australian players?


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Hey guys, if you haven't yet read the post from Ken, he has decided to end this fantastic site. First and foremost, I'd like to thank him for this invaluable resource. I know us Australians weren't as prevalent on here as our overseas cousins, however, I learned a great deal of general BJ information from numerous members here. I made several excellent contacts, some of whom I still talk to today and actively play AP BJ with. To the many Aussie players I have come to know through here, Rory, AussiePlayer, StudiodeKadent, and the others I haven't spoken to in a while, thanks for the help and advice over the years. I still think it would be great of us to keep in touch regarding conditions in Australia, playing stories and sharing other important information. Would you guys want to move to another BJ forum? If so, any in mind? Or perhaps we could share e-mails? I already have a few. Let us know what you think before it shuts down on Monday.

Peace out, BJinfo.

Koz1984. ;)


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Koz, I'm going here for now (Dead link: as I dislike the Green Chip boards despite the wealth of information they provide. If anyone wants my email address, PM me before Monday.


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Hey mate, good to see you here. The forum opened up again last october. I dont think there are many aussies here at the moment, but the forum is getting more activity now with more members joining up each week.