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Discussion in 'Las Vegas' started by smokey, Sep 19, 2005.

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    First post here. Nice site you folks have. Been to Las Vegas 4 times and stayed at TI, Mirage, Caesar's and MGM Grand. My old lady just booked us into The Bellagio for a few nights in a couple of weeks. Not my choice but she has been dying to stay there. It's a nice place to visit but I know many of the blackjack tables are infested with those continuous shuffle machines (CSM). Can you folks tell me anything more about the current rules at Bellagio? I go to Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun in CT every now and then and have become use to their rules. Thanks.
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    For a long time, Bellagio had some very nice 2-deck games, dealt face-up, starting at $25 minimums, perhaps $50 on weekends. However, on my last visit, that entire pit was gone and the only 2-deck games left started at a $300 minimum bet.

    According to Wong's latest newsletter, those games might be available sometimes at a $100 minimum. You'll also find some 6-deck games that aren't continuous shufflers. They start at $25 (H17) or $50 (S17).

    At least they offer late surrender and resplitting aces.
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    Thanks Ken, what other casinos are close by the Bellagio that offer better blackjack options? Also, regarding blackjack rules basically what can I expect these days at Caesar's, Monte Carlo, Wynn and the Venetian? Thanks again.
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    I just got back from the Bellagio last night. What a beautiful hotel. The casino is nice as well, but the continuous shuffle machines are all over the place. Expensive restaurants though. Anyway, I was playing BJ with a 6 deck shoe, $25 minimum, dealer stays on soft 17, BJ pays 3-2. Using basic strategy, except surrendering a pair of 8's against 9, 10, A, and increasing my bets when I win a couple of hands I won about $2100 in a couple hours. Actually, I was up and down a bit for the whole 2 hours until it was just me and the dealer. In the last 5 minutes of that session I'd say I won about 14 hands in a row and ended the shoe and quit with my last two hands having a $200 bet that I each doubled on and won for $400 on each hand! Being a $10-15/hand type of player, I was terribly impressed with myself. However, over the next 3 days I had awful luck. I ended up losing about $500 of it one day and another $1000 of it in 2 hours the following day. I put the remaining $500 in my pocket and didn't play anymore. I didn't change ANYTHING regarding my playing those few days. I did move to a couple different tables when I was getting my butt kicked hoping my luck would change. Even though I took home $500, I felt like I lost. What do you think, bad playing, bad luck, both, neither? Thanks.

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