Blue Heron Casino, Port Perry, Ontario

Discussion in 'Outside of USA' started by DonR, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. Meistro

    Meistro Well-Known Member

    Thanks Kevin. Do you remember the rules? Eight deck or six?
  2. Kevin Lin

    Kevin Lin Member

    Same as Montreal but with better cut obviously if youre ever familiar with their horrible rules. 8D das norsa h17. Double for less and being able to see burnt card is extra at shorelines.

    Belleville uses actual 25cent quarters to pay players and you cant bet with quarters...(slows down the game since ploppies often trades them up) plus they always ask for player card just to annoy you compared to 1000islands.

    Min are 10-15 to max 300-500 beware if youre a big player. Youre allowed to play on many spots and reserve many spots as well tho.

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