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Bob Neresian on GWAE again.

Discussion in 'General' started by Richard Munchkin, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Richard Munchkin

    Richard Munchkin Well-Known Member

    Bob will be on again tomorrow 9/29 so if you have questions you want asked post here or at my site or email me or send a carrier pigeon.

    One of the things we already plan on talking about is what rights do we have when playing at Indian casinos and is that different from state to state.
  2. Lonesome Gambler

    Lonesome Gambler Well-Known Member

    How about the case of the burned Ace by Trump Marina, and the likely result now that the casino is under new ownership. Or is he representing this case (I can't recall). Does the NJCCC take this kind of cheating seriously, is there a good possibility of successful legal recourse, etc.?

    Looking forward to hearing about rights in Native casinos.
  3. Wookets

    Wookets Well-Known Member

    I'd like to hear about the regulation of gaming on cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean, Carnival, etc. Specifically, who's responsibility is it, and who would investigate if there was a case of house-cheating?
  4. Richard Munchkin

    Richard Munchkin Well-Known Member

    Both great questions. I've added them to the list.
  5. Jack_Black

    Jack_Black Well-Known Member

    You could read this thread.

    I agree with ExGM. I highly doubt a huge corporation would cheat. why would they? they make money hand over fist without cheating.

    btw, I love your facebook page, Richard. although it's probably not a good idea for me to like it, since I friended casino hosts and dealers. I know I know.
  6. suicyco maniac

    suicyco maniac Well-Known Member

    I'm interested to hear his comments on Tribal casinos. Actually I'm kinda scared to hear what he has to say..... Since you will be talking about tribal casinos do you think you could ask Bob his thoughts on these tribals flyering SS #'s and Drivers license scans all around the country to one and other and also to a few non tribal casinos that are also memebers of their database.
  7. 21forme

    21forme Well-Known Member

    I'd like to hear about the NV casinos' right to require ID to cash chips, refuse the cash chips without a "trail" back to a specific table or pit, etc.
  8. Lonesome Gambler

    Lonesome Gambler Well-Known Member

    And although you touched on this somewhat during your last interview, it might be useful to discuss the legality of using fake IDs—not old IDs from before having a legal name change done, or IDs with a maiden name, but actual, false identification—to redeem comps at a casino. I'm not aware of any clear-cut answer as to whether or not this may potentially constitute fraud, so I'd like to know what Bob's interpretation of the law is in this regard.

    It seems that using such an ID with Gaming personnel or police would be unambiguously illegal, but could the same be said for casinos?
  9. Wookets

    Wookets Well-Known Member

    I read over that thread yesterday; it's what spawned the question in the first place. I'd still like to hear what Mr. Neresian has to say on the subject.
  10. AussiePlayer

    AussiePlayer Well-Known Member

    Just my question from the other day on how the backrooming/86ing issues discussed last show and in his book differ (if at all) in regards to non-US citizens visiting Vegas.
  11. nicetrades200303

    nicetrades200303 Well-Known Member

    Yes, I would like to echo Lonesome Gambler's question. More specifically, if I may...say my cousin goes to Vegas and gets a player's card; I use that card to play at the tables and on slots; will I or my cousin be trouble with the law? How about if I did the same at Indian casinos? Thank you.
  12. kewljason

    kewljason Well-Known Member

    Great show, as usual. Bob N is a wealth of valuable knowledge. Fake Id info was very interesting.
  13. Lonesome Gambler

    Lonesome Gambler Well-Known Member

    I'll be listening to this tomorrow—very much looking forward to it!
  14. nicetrades200303

    nicetrades200303 Well-Known Member

    Richard, do you have a link to the 9/29 talk with Bob. Could not find it on your website. Thanks.
  15. Lonesome Gambler

    Lonesome Gambler Well-Known Member

    Richard, can you offer any insight to the case that Bob mentions from a tribal casino in MI? If anyone else is familiar with this case and the details are sensitive, please PM me. Thanks!
  16. Richard Munchkin

    Richard Munchkin Well-Known Member

    I just got back from Vegas but now the link is up on my site. You can also get it in itunes but not sure how long the delay is there.

    I thought Bob was particularly good this week, and find it interesting his comments about his wife Thea being the one who really does the heavy lifting. I will ask her to come on next time (probably about 6 weeks) but Bob thought it only 50/50 that she would say yes.

    LG I don't have any extra insight regarding the case in MI. I was shocked and horrified when I heard it. I later thought that what I should have asked is, "Can you appeal a case in a tribal court to any non-tribal jurisdiction?" Also, do the state or federal police enforce a tribal courts decision. I mean what if he just stays off that reservation? Is he safe? Maybe I will have I Nelson Rose on to talk more about both tribal casinos and cruise ships. There is just never enough time with Bob.

    To the person who asked about the Trump Marina case, you will hear that Bob said he couldn't talk about it because it is his case, but I will ask the person who it happened to if he will come on to discuss the details of what happened and whatever he can tell us about the state of the case.
  17. Lonesome Gambler

    Lonesome Gambler Well-Known Member

    If you come across any updates or info on this, I know I personally would be very interested in the details. This was a great episode, by the way. I've always enjoyed the show, but it seems like you and Bob have it much more locked in and focused than when Frank was on (although he seems like a nice enough guy).

    Sure, that would be quite interesting! And if you could somehow manage to round up that rapscallion that he hangs out with, I'll bet you could get a pretty fascinating interview out of it (with a pitch-shifted voice filter, a la the UBT, of course)... ;)
  18. Richard Munchkin

    Richard Munchkin Well-Known Member

    LOL He hasn't said no, but then again he hasn't said yes either. Maybe when the new book comes out. Oops. :eek: That's how rumors get started.
  19. 21forme

    21forme Well-Known Member

    Great show Richard. I found Bob's cruise ship case very interesting.
  20. Lonesome Gambler

    Lonesome Gambler Well-Known Member

    My blank check is already in the mail.

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