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    I don't know how to post .flv clip's so I posted the link instead.
    Is this the long and short of how the "Bonus Strategy" system works?

    As 'zg' mentioned in the other Thread, Do you just play the "Basic Strategy" until you've reached the "cash out" OR "minimum play requirement"? And that's basically it?

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  2. rwbbj

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    Disregard this thread!!

    The simplest is a cashable bonus with a wagering requirement. For example, a casino might offer a $200 sign-up bonus with a 25x bonus wagering requirement. The total wagering requirement is $200x25 = $5000. This $5000 wagering requirement can be done in 5000 $1 bets, 500 $10 bets, 50 $100 bets, or any other combination. A player is expected to lose an average of ~0.5% of their wager playing blackjack, so expected loss over the $5000 wagering is $5000x0.5% = $25. This leaves $175 of the $200 bonus as cashable profit.

    I came across this info on another site in which someone here had kindly posted the link on another thread of mine. So looks like I'm answering my own question this time, I guess that means I'm starting to make some positive headway!

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  3. zengrifter

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    Yes, that is the basics of e-casino bonus hustling. This is or was the primary way that e-casinos were scientifically beaten. Not clear if this still works with the reputable casinos that you will need to cash out from. zg
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    Thank you ~zg~
    After doing further research it seems you may need to have quite the B.R to start off with considering the amount of bets you have to make?!?

    If I deposit $100 bucks and get a 100% Bonus return they are asking that I play a minimum of my total Balance x 20(times twenty). Which would be 4000 hands @ $1.00 a dollar a hand, using basic strategy!

    THAT seems to be somewhat RISKY on my end unless Im an EXCELLENT seasoned BJ player...or maybe I'm wrong? I haven't tried calculating anything yet with with "Fun Money" to see how everything would "AVERAGE OUT"? Possibly I need to have more money in my account to make it possible to make ANY money without having a HUGE risk factor(with a next to PERFECT overall playing strategy), with the expectation that I play with a 25% overall-(maximum)-loss. Leaving me with the remainder to collect.

    I wanted to start out SMALL and get the feel for things before I started doing this with larger deposits and bonus returns. So I thought I would start with around $100 and get 100 credits giving me a balance of $200 overall, but I have NO CLUE if this small amount is going to cut it or not? Hmmm.....
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  5. zengrifter

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    4000 x $1 does NOT require much BR.
    How much, anyone? zg
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  6. Maestro

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    In Snyders book, HOW TO BEAT INTERNET CASINOS & POKER ROOMS (2006), he recommends a br of as little as $500 but $1000 would be better.
  7. zengrifter

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    What are the chances of tapping out $200 at $1 x 4000?
    Also, RWBBJ, can you bet 50cents minimum? zg
  8. rwbbj

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    I'm still in the process of finding the appropriate place for me to start. There are SO MANY different sites I want to make sure that I invest/submit/or transfer any funds somewhere where I feel confident there will be minimal to no problems! (who doesn't)

    For the site I made reference to regarding the $100.00 investment giving me a total of $200.00 (with bonuses) with a required minimum wagering of 20x my starting total being ($200.00) only allows bet increments starting at $1.00 then going to $5.00 next and so on.... as for.50cents, unfortunately not!

    BUT...I have heard of bet sites as low as 0.01 (penny) today in another post I made but I have yet to follow through and see if they provide bonuses or what the URL is for that matter. I'm pretty sure I would be able to find a site that has 0.50cent bets, but I don't know if the bonus structure will be the same? I will check and see if there are any and let you know what I come up with.
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  9. rwbbj

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    I'm not exactly sure what your saying in this particular question? I'm not familiar with the term 'tapping out' - this is embarrassing - Does it imply 'shelling out' money?
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  10. Maestro

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    Zg means risk of ruin or odds of losing it all.
  11. rwbbj

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    Thanks Maestro.

    Umm...I would rather choose to invest more money and increase my capital if that would better assist in the chance of having ANY impact on my "R.O.I". If having a bigger initial B.R would help secure the chances of increasing my odds of NOT LOSING money, but breaking even at worst case scenario, I would rather do that!

    I'll put it like this, if $100.00 bucks is going to substantially decrease my chances of breaking even or possibly losing money, I would prefer to toss in another hundred or two if it would make a substantial difference at breaking even or making a bit of extra money!

    Also, Im still looking for a site that has the same Bonus parameters @ .50cents a hand....OR something close to it. I'll let you know what I'm able to come up with!

  12. blacksworn

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    This Info Looks like its straight from the Casinos them self... casino propaganda or wat?

    Most Casinos have Deposit + Bonus Multiplied by wagering Requirement.

    so If 200 deposit and 200 Bonus multiplied by 25 wagering
    400 X 25 = 10,000/-
    BlackJack WR Game Percentage is Mostly 10%
    so 10,000 WR becomes 10,000X10=100k and not 5k

    BlackJack WR Game Percentage is Mostly 10%

    Expected loss = ((Deposit + Bonus) x Wagering requirement x (100 / Game %)) x House edge.

    The Blackjack has (House edge is 0.5% or 0.005), if you’ve received a 100% match bonus of $200

    your expected loss is:
    ((200+200) x 25 x (100 / 10)) x 0.005 =500

    so the expected loss is now $500.


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  13. MangoJ

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    Not sure what you're saying. The info is correct, but be aware that each bonus has different terms. A 25xB is rare to find these, especially on blackjack. However 25xB is not impossible, I just played such a bonus last month.
  14. blacksworn

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    so even if u find 25 X B so lets say 200 bonus

    25X200 = 5000
    BlackJack WR Game Percentage is Mostly 10%

    5000X10= 50,000 WR

    so even if WR is 25XB ... total WR will be =50,000 and not 5k

    $50,000x0.5% = $250

    expected loss is still $250 and not $25.

    so to clear ur Bonus of 200 ... u have expected loss of $250 and not $25.

    so the game % contributing to WR is the Key ....

    so only when u find bonus with Blackjack Game % towards WR is 100% ... its +ev.
    MangoJ hope u understand what i mean:)

    If u find any BlackJack Bonus with WR 25 X with Game 100% towards WR. iTs +ev ... otherwise .... is not worth it :)

    If u find one such Bonus PLease Post Here ... Thanks MangoJ:)
  15. RJT

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    Blacksworn - this persistence with the "blackjack counts 10%" rule is becoming a bit boring. Some online casinos use this rule, far from all of them. If you don't like it, go play at a different casino. I recommended a great resource to help you find these just the other day - http://www.beatingbonuses.com. And truthfully, if you learn how to attack bonuses properly - or use games other than blackjack - even when a bonus does have this rule it doesn't alway have a dramatic impact on EV.

  16. RJT

    RJT Well-Known Member

    See my post above ^^

    Also, nobody who's been playing bonuses for money for any length of time is going to post good offers as it just encourages loads of bonus whores to pile in and the bonus gets shut down very quickly. Not a good idea.

  17. blacksworn

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  18. MangoJ

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    Learn to think. Your rules with 10% are a 250xB bonus.

    Further, if you get a 50% deposit bonus, and need to play deposit + bonus 25 times, it is a 75xB bonus. If blackjack counts 20%, it is 375xB.

    Don't use numbers for comparison, which are not comparable. Yes, a 250xB bonus sucks, and other games are much more favorable if you can get a 25xB bonus.
  19. blacksworn

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    Yes Casinos have different T & C for Bonuses ... some are Very Good while others are Bad deal! some have lower WR or Higher WR ... some Have Higher Game% to WR for BlackJack ... some have Lower! ... some bonus are cashable ... some Bonus are sticky and so on .... but we will not discuss .... Bonus Deals here.

    Is this statement Fair .... ?
    Ty RJT .... I learn it from U:)
    what i want to stress is that if we don't Include Game% Contributing to WR ... then the above statement is simply misleading.


    (I know RJT ... when u made this statement ... u r only referring to one particular Casino).

    so when we calculate expected loss ... if Game% Contribution to WR ( Maybe 10% 20% 50% or even 100% ) is not taken into account for a particular Bonus WR.
    Then the statement is Very Dangerous.
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  20. MangoJ

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    Precisely. You need to account for game contribution. Also, you need to account for total wagering. i.e if you need to wager the bonus, the deposit or both a number of times.

    The appropriate "index" is the total wagering divided by the expected loss (or bonus amount for a fixed game). If the bonus amount or maximum loss is significant to your bankroll, you also need to account for variance. If the wagering amount is massive, you also need to figure out your expected win per hour of "work". Then adjust to a betsize you are comfortable with, with respect to win per hour and risk.

    If blackjack is allowed, I would not play anything above wagering 100 times bonus, which still leaves you with a 0.5% advantage.

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